Trout Fishing Guide

More patience are required when fishing for brown trout.  The state record fish are in the – pound range, but most Goldens are less than -inches.  I have learned several things during my trout adventure.  We fly-fish for everything and caught a lot of fish but they were mostly Rainbow and Brown that are typical for the area around West Yellowstone, Montana.  

Some of the extreme part of this trout adventure is extreme travel.  These tips are for the experienced trout angler who wants to catch more and bigger trout.  “Fresh” fishing line performs so much better than used line.  They include Rainbow, Brown, Brook, and Lake.  Below there, it is a massive prairie river home to pike, smallmouth bass, and catfish, but few trout.  

The upper Green finally flows into Flaming Gorge Reservoir.  There is some water that is legal to fish with a spinning rod, but it’s mostly fly fishing only.  Most folks spend most of their trip on the really “classy” trout streams, like the Madison, Yellowstone, Firehole, or the Paradise valley spring creeks.  

Under ideal conditions rainbow trout can grow to very large sizes, but their average size is much smaller (in the twelve to twenty inch range).  Anywhere that trout swim, which means cool clear water, rainbow trout can be found.  Some people say using a float works best for them when catching trout.  For this reason you want your bait to look a much like it does naturally as possible.  They are good water-soaking outfits and help protect toes as well.  King Salmon and brown trout are present in good numbers during the fall.  This is as deep in the wildnerness as you can get in the lower , and you must be sure you can be totally self-sufficient.  

The western states use Splake because they are resistant to whirling disease that has taken a toll of many western trout species.  Below Hebgen Dam, there is a run of a few miles before the Madison slows back down into Quake Lake.  In the warm months, the favored fare for brook trouts seem to be insect.  The river is mostly private, and therefore off of our radar screen all the way down to Roscoe, New York (also known as Trout Town USA).  Additional slip-on and loafers are generally recommended for high altitude fishing.  Read on about Aurora Trout.  This water is on public land, so if you’d like to hike in, you may be pleasantly surprised.  Get Secret Trout Fishing Guide