Swimming As One With Dolphins

My wife and I had an opportunity to visit Maui a couple of years ago. The islands of Hawaii are beautiful and captivating. In particular we find Maui to be very tranquil and spiritual. Maui is one of our favorite places to experience the beauty of the Hawaiian island’s beaches, flora, fauna and wildlife.

During our trip, we booked a snorkel tour with the Pacific Whale Foundation that would take us to Molokini. Molokini is a crescent, quarter-moon shaped ancient volcanic cinder cone appearing about 3 miles off of Maui’s south shore. It is well known for snorkeling and diving. The curvature of the island protects the boats and divers from the strong trade winds and waves that impact some of the other areas around Maui. However, on this particular day the storm that passed through the night before and the rough weather we were expecting later that day had made Molokini a challenging place to snorkel. After several attempts to lay anchor, the Captain decided to leave the area and try to find calmer water.

We traveled a little further and came upon a small cove off the coast of Lanai. Usually, this area was reserved for residents of Lanai or those staying on that island. However, since our trip would have been cut short if we didn’t snorkel somewhere, our Captain received special permission for us to lay anchor.

The water was still choppy around the cove and made it difficult to maneuver in the water. The water was usually very clear in this area but the waves were making the water somewhat cloudy. Nonetheless, we were surrounded by beautiful coral, fish and the occasional sea turtle. We felt privileged to have this unique opportunity.

Being in the waters around Lanai put me at ease. I felt as if I was one with the ocean and all of its inhabitants. I was able to focus on each and every creature that I encountered while in the water. All of the creatures were enjoying the same tranquility that I was feeling. We were all as one here in this cove.

I had not seen any of the Spinner dolphins that frequented the area. I was trying my best to focus on where they could be and inviting them to join in our fun. Being an animal communicator, I have formed a special connection and bond with all animals. It is not uncommon for the animals to suddenly come into a room that I have entered or in area where I am walking or swimming. I was asking them to visit with us, if only for a moment. However, I had to honor them as individual and unique creatures and honor their wishes if they chose not greet us. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, we heard the clicking and high-pitched sounds that are unique to dolphins. Immediately, my wife and I popped our heads out of the water. My wife Kim looked at me and said, “Did you hear that?” I said, “Yeah, what is that?” She said, “I think it was the dolphins.”

As we lowered our heads below the water we could see a school of Spinner dolphins greeting us and joining in our play time. One pair in particular that graced us with their presence was a mother and her baby. Some of the dolphins would swim rapidly through the water and continued to click and make high-pitched tones all around us. Then out of nowhere they would rush to the top of the water, jump into the air, perform a beautiful pirouette and come back down into the water. At times they were as close as five feet away from us. The dolphins were really enjoying the interaction with us and we were honored by their presence.

On the boat ride back to Maui everyone on the boat shared their stories about our visit with the Spinner dolphins. Each person was overjoyed by the experience and will certainly have a memory to share with others for the rest of their lives. On this visit, neither the dolphins nor we were concerned about the plight of our oceans or the fear of being in the ocean when the water is less than calm. Rather, we were enjoying life as it was intended to be. We all were one.