RF Bait Box Challenge — Ep. 1

Thanks for joining me on this episode of Keifers Reel Planet Bass! I will be attempting to complete the slam Provided by , Realistic Fishing… This is the RF bait Box challenge episode 1 The JerkBait in this Challenge is made by H2o XPRESS in the Baby – Bass pattern, with VMC Treble hooks…The Double Fish profile mimics schooling bait! ; ) Baits remaining in the challenge are , 2.) Hoppy’s quarter ounce flea-flicker finesse jig in black and blue , 3.) MATZUO topwater walking popper 4 and a quarter inches long 5/8 Oz. 4.) Lindy WATSIT GRUB 15 pack 1.75 inches in white , 5.) ZOOM super salty plus 6″ lizard in water candy red 9 to a pkg. , 6.) VMC Pro Series Dominator Half Moon jigs 1/16 oz in Black 4 pk. Visit , Realistic Fishing and Binge on all of his Shows , Subscribe and turn on that notification Bell so You won’t miss a single episode! ; ) Strength Of A Thousand Men – Extreme Music/2 Steps from Hell – Thomas Bergersen / Nick PhoenixSound recording https://youtu.be/jIxas0a-KgM