Review – Portable Fish Aerator

I’m curious if anyone has used one of these portable aerators for their bait fish. It looks like a great idea as I have a few old coolers laying around. They runs on 2 D cells batteries, a 12 Volt adapter, or a 110v wall adapter. This would be handy when out kayak, canoe fishing, ice fishing, or in a boat without a 12 volt power source.

There are several models availabe with the Frabill 1435 Aqua-Life Portable Aerator receiving awesome reviews. This aerator runs nice and quite up to 24 hours on two D batteries. Even works with salt water just fine and has a 1 year warranty. I think this is the unit I will be purchasing to mount it to my own cooler.

There is a more expensive all-inclusive 6 gallon bucket model but there’s another reveiw stating the pump gets loud after several uses. This happened 3 different units he tried so I wouldn’t recommend the Frabill 1469 6 Gallon model.

Another one that looks interesting but a little on the smaller side is the Frabill Personal Bait Station. This is an 8 Quart unit and can easily hold a cupole of dozen minnows. As one Amazon review said “When I brought it to the baitshop they said it will easily take 5 dozen medium shiners. It did, and the next am we were out on the ice and they as lively as in their baitshop tank.” This unit seems to be a great deal at just $ 40.00. I’d recommend this complete setup if you don’t want to take the time modifying your own cooler.