Multi Species Saltwater Fishing Challenge!! (Long Island)

TEAM INSTAGRAM: @past_the_barb I went out with Brian from Fisker Outdoor Adventures to the Long Island Sound to complete a Multi-Species Saltwater Fishing Challenge! Turns out we caught many Porgy (Scup), Sea Robins, Sea Bass, and Dogfish (sharks). It was a crazy day! Fish, after Fish! I had to cut out a ton of fish because this videos would be about 30 minutes long. haha! Gear I used: Rod: KastKing Perigee Reel: KastKing Spartacus Maximus— Line: KastKing Superpower Braid 15lb: —- Stay Reel – Paulie Get Reel Bass Fishing For more how to videos, watch this playlist: Past Videos: All great baits. Want baits like this for an inexpensive price? Want good reels, rods, line, and pretty much anything fishing related? Check the affordable innovation of KastKings Fishing gear on! Link for the Livingston Lures 10%off: Or use GETREEL code at check out MY website: MY WOODWORK AND TSHIRT SHOP TO BUY GET REEL BASS FISHING APPAREL: Snapchat- pshpike Instagram- @getreelbassfishing Twitter- @getreelbass Facebook- Get Reel Bass Fishing Livingston Lures Discount Code Link: Or use GETREEL code at check outp