Man Catches World Record Shattering 405 Pound Yellowfin Tuna

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The 400 pound fish beats the previous world record by almost 20 pounds. The previous record had been held for over 30 years by Curt Wiesenhutter when he caught a yellowfin weighing in at 388 pounds. Even if the fish caught by Livingston isn’t approved by International Game Fish Association (IGFA) it will still be the largest yellowfin caught by a rod and reel. The IGFA will take at least 90 days to rule if this fish is truly a world record but in this case it is predicted that it will take longer for them to verify the fish.

First I feel that congrats are in order for Mr. Livingston on his great catch. This is truly a once in a lifetime accomplishment that many fishermen would love to be a part of. If the IGFA doesn’t approve his fish it would be sad but at the same time he still has a really big fish to mount on his wall. One question I have though is what happens to the fish during the 90 days that it takes to verify the results? I know that the news article states that the fish will be preserved but does that mean that the meat will still me good to eat after it’s verified? I’m not a big fan of wasting that much fish just so the IGFA can verify the results.

This is the biggest fish that Livingston has ever caught with his next biggest fish weighing in at around 100 lbs he’ll sure have some good stories to tell the guys around the campfire. The yellowfin tuna that he caught on the 30th was caught with a Penn International reel and a rod that he made himself! That must have made him feel even better knowing that all the time he put into making his own rod not only paid off but paid off big with a world record fish.

I only hope that Livingston’s record is confirmed and it’s not found out that something fishy was going on surrounding his catch. Previously a 394 lbs yellowfin was caught by a man in 1993 but this catch was ruled out as the world record because a deckhand touched the reel. I think that it is a little crazy that you can’t have any kind of assistant when catching these fish. It’s not like by allowing the deckhand to touch the reel you are making the fish any bigger. Regardless of official ruling and controversy surrounding the ruling it’s nice to see the pictures of such a large and majestic fish.

Catch Trophy Fish – Learn How to Catch Big Fish With These 6 Easy Tips

Anyone can learn how to catch big beautiful trophy fish by following some common sense tips and techniques. Maybe you’ve never caught a really big fish and you’re wondering why. I’m willing to bet that if you’ve spent much time fishing you probably had at least 1 “big one that got away”. That happens to everyone, including experienced fishermen who forget to follow some basic rules. The tips I cover here will be targeted at freshwater fishing but apply to both fresh and saltwater. Learn how to locate, lure and land that fish of a lifetime.

First of all you don’t have to spend a lot of money or travel to exotic locations to catch trophy fish. Almost any pond or lake that has water year-round and enough depth to support fish during both cold and hot dry months, will hold a good number of big fish. You can even catch huge trophy fish from shore if you know how to find the right spot. I have caught large Bass, Walleyes, Trout, Salmon and Pike from the shore. I have also caught saltwater Striped Bass, Bluefish and Sharks from the shoreline. Here is the basic outline for success. We will go into more detail in future article and on my website.

1. Use Large Real Bait
What do I mean by real bait? Well I mean the things that fish actually feed on to live. Do you eat plastic steaks? Do you cut pictures of food out of a magazine and eat them? Of course you don’t and neither do big fish. While imitation lures do have their place and time, all they do is imitate Live Bait. Also to eliminate catching small pesky fish, use bait that only trophy fish can swallow. I’ve used 12″ shiners in Florida and 6″ perch in New England, where it is legal to use smaller fish as bait.

2. A Quality Reel is a Must
A quality fishing reel makes all the difference in actually landing a big fish. This is one place where it makes sense to spend some money. Once you finally get that trophy fish to chomp your bait after waiting a long time, it would be a shame to lose it because of a cheap reel. A good fishing reel has a finely tuned drag that allows the big fish to run and get tired without breaking the line.

3. Use Thin Low-Visibility Line
Trophy fish did not get big by being stupid! So it helps if the fisherman is smarter than the fish. In lakes near populated areas, fish that have lived a long time have probably seen many hooks, lines and sinkers. So it doesn’t take much to spook a big fish. Use the thinnest line possible and the minimal terminal tackle. Tie the line directly to the hook and use the smallest sinker to get the bait to the correct depth. You can land a 20 lb fish on 4 lb test line if you have a quality reel.

4. Sharp Hooks are Necessary
The need to even mention this is proof that trophy fish can be smarter than fishermen. You can do everything else right and get that monster Trout or Walleye to grab your bait. With a pounding heart you wait that necessary 3 seconds and then pull back on the fishing rod to sink the hook. The behemoth doubles your rod over and the drag screams as he goes on his first run. Suddenly the line goes slack and the fish is gone! What happened is that a cheap or dull hook just pulled right out of his mouth. Dang it! Don’t let that happen to you…it’s painful.

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5. Learn your Lake and your Fish
Every body of water is different and the habits and locations of fish can vary considerably. The length of this article will not permit a discussion to cover this subject. One quick example is to locate the thermocline in the summer and the fish will be just below it. Some fish come close to shore to feed at night. Some wait at the edge of weed beds at mid-day to ambush bait. Others feed almost exclusively at night or early morning. Your local bait shop can be a great source of information if you are humble enough to listen.

6. Patience, Patience, Patience
“Run and Gun” is a common practice these days that you’ll see on the Bassmaster TV shows and magazines. Power up that 250 HP motor and scream across the lake scaring every big fish within 200 yards of your boat! Yeah that’s perfect for the impatient generation that needs constant stimulus to avoid thinking at all costs. If that’s what you want, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, discover your inner self and catch trophy fish, then take it slowly and quietly. Catching the Trophy Fish of your life will be well worth it. You might even discover that you like yourself.

The Big Fish

Are you planning to have a vacation or to travel to many kinds of countries with you family, friends, and relatives? Well Alaska could be one of the best and most suited place just for you and your family or friends. In this country you can find different kinds of fishes and most of all different kinds of salmon but the most exciting thing that you would wanna know is that you can find many humongous fishes as big as you are like the Alaskan. This fishes are not just tasty but they would satisfy your taste buds and not only that. These fishes can make your stomach burst into the fullness of foods that you ate. And these big and huge Alaskan king salmon can be found at the Alaska fishing grounds.

The Alaskan is one of the most tasteful and most daring kinds of fish that must be caught. If you can catch hundreds of this kind of fish then I assure you that you would be very rich. Catch and sell those fish that you have caught. It would not only make you rich but it can also make you. And I also tell you that you would really be dared to catch these fishes if you would just see their sizes and how these fishes dominate the sea.

There are many people who would really love to go to the Alaska king salmon fishing grounds. Especially to people who really love fishes. Do not mind the money that you would spend just always take to mind the experience and the most memorable things that you can do at the fishing grounds at Alaska.

If you keep on worrying and keep and thinking about the amount that you spend then you would not have a good time at Alaska or if you feel that you would just spend your money to nothing in Alaska. Then ill better tell you this. Most of the people would like to visit this country and especially at the Alaska king salmon fishing grounds. There’s never been a feeling of a more relaxed and more relieved atmosphere than before they arrived Alaska. And most of all you would be amazed of the Alaskan king salmon. So don’t you worry. And that’s just not all. The people in Alaska have good and respectful people. You’ll never feel lonely if you’re the only one there.You can do many things in Alaska different trips and different foods to eat. You can also hire people who could help you catch or teach you in fishing. People in Alaska are really good in catching fishes like the Alaskan king salmon. So what are you waiting for? Come and visit Alaska and see the most wonderful fish in the country.

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