Learn the Basics in Tuna Fishing

Tuna is a delicious saltwater fish. A lot of people enjoy catching one especially for game fish enthusiasts. However, if you are still a beginner in this kind of hobby, you should know the basics on how to tuna fishing.
There are a variety of tuna that can be fished in the sea. These are:

– Yellowfin tuna
– Bluefin tuna
– Albacore or longfin tuna
– Skipjack
– Bigeye tuna
– Little tunny tuna

These are some of the types of tuna. However, bluefin and yellowfin is usually preferred by many. This is due to the quality of the meat and the prices of these fishes are high in the market.

Now, there are ways on how to tuna fishing. On the other hand, trolling and chumming are usually the tuna fishing techniques anglers implement. How can these be done are as follows:


The first thing to do is to prepare the chum and chop the bait. Do not let the blood entrails go into waste since it will also be used. After the preparation, look for a good tuna fishing spot.

You can now pour over the chum on the fishing spot with an interval to let the tuna sense the chum. Keep in mind that the tuna has a sensor to detect food and other preys. Once the fish detects the chum, they can easily locate it by following the “scent” of the food.

It is now time to cast you bait line. Make sure that your bait is trailing the chum so as to let the tuna think that it is a part of the chum you have poured over the water. How to tuna fishing needs a lot of patience.

Cast in the hook line once the fish gets the bait. One of the tuna fishing techniques is to use your strength and flexibility. This is due to the fact that tunas are very strong and agile in water. That is why you have to land the fish effectively.


Trolling needs a lure. The lure you want to use will depend on what type of tuna fish you can lure in. Lures can come in different shapes sizes and designs. Choose the recommended lures by anglers for beginners.

The tuna fishing techniques in trolling is to set the outriggers. These are lines that are stretched on the boat side. This prevents the lines and lures from tangling even if you add more lines.

Once the tuna fish strikes the lure, you can now troll the fish in. Be sure that it is done correctly to fish in the tuna without any hassles.
These are just the two methods on how to tuna fishing. Remember to implement safety measures since luring in a tuna can be dangerous at time especially if it is large.

It is also imperative to check on the weather and the good months in catching tuna. You can check it online for proper reference since it will surely guide you.

Catching a tuna can be rewarding and it drives you to fish for more. Start landing a tuna in your boat now and enjoy.