Latvia and Lithuania fishing trip – Countryballs

Latvia ant Lithuania goes on a fishing trip. Potato appears and shit hits the fan. Patreon: Thank you XoreN for a great idea ____________ COMMENT ____________ So Latvia and Lithuania are in a river, in a little wooden boat, with fishing rods. They are both fishing for a bit, then Lithuania catches something. Latvia: “What you catch, Lietuva?!” Lithuania: “Is potato.” Latvia’s eyes shrink; “I must have.” Lithuania: “No, I caught it, is of mine.” Latvia starts grabbing it out of Lithuania’s hands. Latvia: “No! Is mine!” Lithuania: “It’s mine.” Latvia: “Let of go!” Lithuania: “Finders Keepers.” Latvia get’s really mad, and shoves Lithuania off the boat, then lays back at the end of the boat as he stares at the potato. Lithuania: “WHAT ARE YUO OF DOINGS?! ARE YUO OF CRAZY!?!?” Splash Latvia: “Is mine…” Latvia: “My own…” Screen darkens and zooms into Latvia’s eyes next to the potato. Latvia: “My precious…” ______________ MUSIC ______________ Happy Boy End Theme – Kevin MacLeod Decay – Kevin MacLeod