Islamorada Fly Fishing Guide

The Florida Keys is a popular seaport destination for many fishing enthusiasts and passenger cruises. It also offers some of the most beautiful flats in the world. As such, fly fishing in particular has become a popular activity. The village of islands called Islamorada is only one of the top places in the area for leisure and livelihood fishing.


When fishing in these waters, the guide on your boat captains a (usually) small skiff that holds about one to two anglers. The skiff runs in shallow waters and when you reach your fishing destination, the guide will stop the boat, trim the motor up, and begin to pole across the shallow flats. Guides usually stand higher on a platform above the motor where they can guide anglers and see the fish from a distance.


Guides also use a clock system to get you acquainted where they see fish. Twelve o’clock means there are fish directly in front of the boat, nine o’clock when fish are directly to your left, three o’clock if directly to your right, and so on. They will then tell in boat lengths how far the fish are from the boat. You will then be instructed to cast and how to retrieve your plug, bait, or fly according to how the fish react.


It is advisable that you rig your rod(s) the night prior the trip to Islamorada fishing charters. There is usually no room in the skiff for rod tubes and other large pieces of equipment. Rigging also takes time away from your fishing. Doing so the night before will enable you to make the most out of your fishing time.


Fly rods for rent are also available in Islamorada fishing charters, although you can bring your own. In fact, most guides advise their guests to bring their own rods because they are comfortable with them. Experienced fishers are also more familiar as to how their own rods act and load. Keep in mind, though, that the fish will test your equipment to the limit. So if you are bringing your own rod, make sure it is in top shape.


Take note that saltwater fly fishing in Islamorada fishing charters is very different from the lakes and streams up north. In order to catch one of the big three (tarpon, bonefish, permit) in the flats on Islamorada and Key West, you will need a very strong double haul cast with fewer than three false casts.