Green Fishing Techniques

The world is going green. Why would you leave behind? People are trying to adopt eco-friendly ways whenever and wherever possible. This is also true for fishing. Green fishing is important in order to maintain the ecological balance of the fishing sites. Following green fishing techniques also reduce fish mortality counts.

Instructions for Green Fishing

Know the Fishing Regulations: Before you start fishing, just gather information about the fishing regulations of the pond or lake or any other water body that you have chosen as your fishing site. For many sites it may be mandatory to use an artificial lure. These lures actually mirror the life-like baits. Fishing with artificial lures is quite easy and using them can save leeches, worms and minnows.

Use Barbless Hooks: If you want a hook only for practicing how to catch fish but your intension is to release the fish after catching, then a barbless hook will be ideal for you. It is true that setting the hook becomes more difficult with barbless hooks. But using them is good because they are less damaging to the fish. In case you deep hook the fish by mistake, dont even try to remove the hook. This will be harmful for the fish. What you can do instead is that you can clip the leader and then release the fish that you have hooked.

Landing Your Fish: Once your fish is caught you should lower the net. Make sure to choose a new modeled type nets. These new designs are good for fishing as they reduce tangling of the fishing line. Moreover it makes it easier to release the fish into the water. Using these new kinds of nets will make the entire process less stressful for you as well as the fish.

Lure Removal: When remove the lure from the fish, you should use a damp soft towel made of terrycloth. Make sure to keep the handling of the fish to a minimum because if you handle the fish more than needed, the fishs protective layer will be removed.

Spring Spawning Season: Do you know that the warmer months are the best time for fishing? It is easier to catch fish during this time. However they are quite stressed at this time of the year. Therefore if you overdo with handling the fish, it may die. So you have to be careful. If you can follow the proper guideline then this is undoubtedly the best time to catch fish.

Aboriginal fishing techniques are mostly green. You can also follow these techniques to pursue your hobby. Using the traditional fish traps can help you to go green. Aboriginals mostly use fish traps that look like the head of the lacrosse stick. This trap is dragged through the water body just like a net. These people also use large nets. Many people drag the net together. So if you are going for fishing alone, this technique will not work for you.