Fly Fishing Net Reviews

There are many tools that make fly fishing easier and more enjoyable. Hemostats, knot tying tools, thermometers, wading staffs, and fly fishing vests are all tools that speed up small tasks while increasing enjoyment and success on the water. One very underrated tool is a fly fishing net. What nets bring to a fly fisherman is the ability to quickly land a fish once it has been caught without increased potential of loosing the fish due to break offs.

Every fly fisherman should invest in a good fly fishing net. The most dangerous time during a fight with a fish is when you are about to land it. That is when the fish will make their last desperate attempt to get away. Often, they shoot from your hands, and if you aren’t ready for it, they could snap the hook right off the line, or shake the hook from the mouth. Trying to land large fish by hand can be difficult. Couple that with standing in the middle of a fast moving river while holding the rod in your other hand, and it can be downright impossible.

A fly fishing net make makes one handed landings a cinch. When shopping for a fly fishing net, be sure to read plenty of fly fishing nets reviews online. This will give you an idea what other anglers liked or disliked about a specific model or brand of landing net. There are many different options on the market, from small trout nets, to larger boat nets. Some have quick detach magnets that allow fast and easy access to your net from the back of your vest.

Before you decide to get a net, be sure you do your research on the different models available. Shop around for the best prices, and use online reviews to narrow down your search. Fly fishing nets might not be as important as fly fishing line, but they sure come in handy when you have hooked the big one.