Bream Fishing Gear

Bream fishing can be a wonderful fishing experience. Many anglers, however, think that bream fishing is just for kids or beginners. This common thought might be because they are not that big or easy to catch. The fact is, bream are aggressive fighters, and often fight up a weight class for their small size. They also offer great eating. Catching bream may seem easy to many anglers, but there are specific gear options that make fishing for bream more fun and exciting.

Bream, or more commonly know by the term panfish, are the most widespread game fishing in the country. They span from sea to sea, and inhabit almost every type of watershed in between. They comprise mostly of bluegill, with a few varieties of sunfish rounding out the species. Bream are opportunistic feeders, often eating anything they can fit their mouths around. Insects, insect larvae, minnows, worms, leaches, snails, and crayfish make up a majority of their diet. Different waters will offer a different assortment of food, so keep that in mind.

When fishing for bream, you will need the right bream fishing gear to get the job done. Most spinning combos will work just fine, as will cane fishing poles and fly rods. The key is to use lightweight gear. Use between 2-6 pound test line with small lures and jigs. The larger the hooks, the harder time bream will have or getting their mouth around it.

When choosing an ultralight fishing rig, be sure to read plenty of fishing rod and fishing reel reviews. This will allow you to find the best rig for the money. A good set of pliers are essential when bream fishing, as their mouths are so small it may be difficult to remove hooks that they have partially swallowed.

Once you have your gear, get ready for a fun filled fishing experience. As always, happy fishing!