Bass Fishing Tactics

I’m going to share with you some powerful bass fishing tactics. These are the bass fishing tactics that can win tournaments and impress your fishing buddies. I have been using them for years, and they have never failed me.

The first bass fishing tactic involves knowing where to find your bass. Focus your search on areas that have these three things: plenty of underwater structure for the bass to hide around, some cover or shade in which the bass can escape the bright sun, plenty of nearby baitfish that the bass can ambush from its cover. You should also be looking for a water temperature range that bass prefer which is from 50-80 degrees, although they prefer around 60-70.

The second set of bass fishing tactics is to choose the right color for the job. If the day is dull, overcast or if the water is dirty, my tactic would be to use a dark, dull and plain colored lure. If its bright, sunny and the water is clear, out come the flashy silvers, blues and bright colors. You want to try and match the surroundings if you can. For example if you are fishing an area with deep greed pines on the shore, brown rocks and sand on the lake bottom and a setting sun, you should use something with the same colors, Perhaps a green and black striped lure with a brown belly. Although it would seem that you’re disguising the lure and making it hard to see, remember that fish see differently than humans.

Another tactic is to use scent attractant. Aside from being very effective at making your bait smell delicious to the bass, it will mask your human scent, as well as whatever you have been touching previous to the lure (cigarettes for example). All of these smells can and will make the difference between a strike or no strike. Smell is especially important in conditions with low light or murky water. The bass can’t rely on their sight to identify prey so instead they are using their sense of smell and they are detecting vibrations. This bass fishing tactic can make all the difference, especially in dark or low visibility conditions.

One of my favorite bass fishing tactics is to use red hooks. Believe it or not, red hooks get way more strikes than normal colored ones. This is because the fish think they are seeing blood and blood triggers a predatory reaction in their brain. The assume the fish is injured and attack. If you were to put red treble hooks on your lures that are already mimicking an injured baitfish than you have yourself a secret weapon. This is a very powerful bass fishing tactic.

For even more quality tactics, visit this article: Bass Fishing Tactics. Good luck out there and remember to use the tactics presented in this article. They WILL catch you bass.