Bass Fishing Bait ? The Best Bass Fishing Bait To Catch The Biggest Bass

There are a wide variety of bass fishing bait out there, each type used under different conditions. There are some for shallow water, some for deep, some for rocky lake-bottoms, some for plant-rich lake-bottoms, etc. It really all depends on what circumstances and environments you will be fishing in.

Some people really like to use live bait like earthworms, night crawlers, wax worms and mealy worms. You can catch some huge bass with live bait. However, live bait does have its drawbacks. Live bait tends to have a very short lifespan. Once you get a bite or the worm falls off the hook for whatever reason, that’s it. You have to reload another fresh worm on your hook. So if you do choose to use live bait, use it in clearer waters where you can’t get snagged and waste your worms. Try to stay away from the bottom of the lake as well, as there may be some rocks or dead branches down there too that you can get snagged on.

Topwater plugs are another great type of bass fishing bait. Topwater plugs float right on the top of the water. There are a wide variety of topwater plugs available, again depending on where you will be using them to fish. Topwater bass fishing bait is actually quite fun and exciting to use because you can see the bass when they strike. They come flying up out of the water like a bat out of hell. Not only can you hook some huge bass with topwater plugs, it’s also quite entertaining!

Another great type of bass fishing bait is the spoon lure. Spoons reflect light, so when you jig a spoon, the bass sees sudden movement and will strike right away in most cases. They are also good to use in heavy grass and seaweed. Again, you should be careful with this type of lure because it can sink to the bottom and get snagged on something. I’ve lost a good many lures by not being aware of the depth of my lure, so make sure you’re paying attention at all times!

One of my absolute favorite type of bass fishing bait is the spinnerbait. A spinnerbait resembles a baitfish, a favorite food of all types of bass. Therefore, this is an excellent lure for hooking the big ones. I usually use these when I’m trolling slowly. They’re great for covering a sizeable spot in the lake over a brief period of time.

Finally, another favorite of mine is a crankbait. These types of lures also resemble baitfish and crawfish, a favorite treat of bass. I like to use these in the same situations that I use my spinnerbaits in.

Again, there really isn’t any one specific best bass fishing bait. It all depends where you’re fishing, how deep the water is, what type of bass you want to catch, etc. What I can suggest is that you try every type of bass fishing bait that interests you to get a good feel for the ones you like the most.

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